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Scholar Profile

School Profile

The Scholar High School, founded by Mrs. M.M. Grant in January 1961, is an educational institution open to boys and girls of every community. It imparts education through the medium of English and prepares students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination. It also fosters in them the spirit of national unity and integrity. It aims at not merely imparting academic instruction, but also at educating and developing the entire personality of the pupil. Through curricular and co - curricular activities, opportunities are provided to the pupils to train and develop their intellectual, moral , physical and aesthetic faculties.

The school endeavors to create an environment that generates in the pupil a love for learning, a habit of critical thought and accurate expression: and inculcates in them a deep regard for moral values that make life socially meaningful. The pupils are taught and trained to become salutary and effective agents of the much needed social change in our country. They are to be good citizens and ardent upholders of the principals of social  and economic justice, individual freedom and human dignity as enshrined in the country's constitution.


School Aim

To develop students' confidence, self-esteem and a range of positive values and personal qualities.

To produce enthusiastic, active, independent and lifelong learners.

To develop student's sense of responsibility and active involvement in the communities in which they live and work.

To provide an excellent academic education through which our students can achieve their personal best.

To equip students with 21st Century skills including international and multicultural understanding.

To provide outstanding enrichment opportunities within and beyond the school curriculum.

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